World's largest walking robot is a fire-breathing dragon ... of course

 World's largest walking robot is a fire-breathing dragon ... of course
If you're making the world's largest walking robot, obviously you go all out and make it spectacular.Is something that can shoot flames of fire. Otherwise what is the purpose?
More than ten years after planning and work, "tradannu" project received its deserved recognition of that fact. Newly released list of the "Guinness Book of World Records 2014," Mechanical Dragon 11 tons, 51 feet long with a 40 foot wingspan "The world's largest walking robot."
Remote Control Electronic mygytrunak behemoth reptilian traits AG zulnar of children is afgrmany. Trada-nnu built for show business - the name of "tradition" and "innovation" a Mashup - the "sport cut" or hard of Harry Potter will be seen as part tryuyzard Tournament.Instead, the four - lyggad, robot flappang wing bavarian town every August in Waldo performed bucn furth im the oldest public theater in Germany, "dracanstac," Aging Star will change.

First Dragon thirty-five years in a mechanical model of a design has not changed much. These four operators, which negate any position within the robot is required.
"A radio remote control, robot unheard-of dimensions as I was walking outside the four lyggad robot developers and designers really zulnar Electronic AG, excited." The company writes.
This web site contains python "A 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine driven by ... atsanang all human actor is a robot."

Put mechanics aside, tradannu, above all, is a suubaut. Paulurythany glass with the plastic skin, which point to the blood stage, and for liquefied gas fire breathing pyrutyknaks 21 gallun blood veins, tradannu only can not do the same thing - the fans - are flying., but after that we really kybrdrykunyan 11 tonnes suupang and flames that would rage. diving?
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