Baojun Yuan: A 76 Years Old Photoshop Master With A Heart Of Gold

An old song playing on the radio immediately brings back memories of past positive . Similar images within our memories and emotions has gone away with time differences might help to give . Such as a person " Sometimes you have to remember it is never even a moment will realize the true value " is rightly said . Wallpaper moment that we might have with us or bring back fond memories of our younger days. Help with your creations with loved ones .

Once the photos are old or damaged leaves us sad tears. , But with advanced technology to repair their damaged images or can be fixed and taken a new form when it you can make was . repair but these photos are not affordable for everyone can be too heavy for the pocket is closed out .

Photo courtesy : Azerbaijan Yuan (taken from)
But the Chinese yuan by a man named Azerbaijan Even the expensive work has made it possible for a common man . Azerbaijan Yuan is a member of China Senior Photographers Association . They free than 2000 old photos of her Chinese are among the highest respect is earned . they are doing this for the past sixteen years and yes. , when you know how old he is shocked ! Is Mr.Yuan 76 .

Photo courtesy : Azerbaijan Yuan (take from)
He is an excellent example tells us to start something new we never get so old that . They Shaukat age 60 and soon began learning software mastering the art of Photoshop . Since the old Picture too expensive to repair will prove a common man , Mr.Yuan bought myself a computer and a scanner and started servicing people for free .

Why do that when you humbly for his services , he said, do not charge a " my teacher just taught me how to repair the image , but they forget to tell us what was charged . Maybe the face of thousands of sugar and smiles photo owners who have got these pictures to make repairs that will lead to millions of dollars . because they do not charge .

 Baojun Yuan: A 76 Years Old Photoshop Master With A Heart Of Gold

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