Computer, Read My Lips: Emotion Detector Developed Using a Genetic Algorithm

Using a computer -based lip interpret human emotions international Journal published a study in artificial intelligence and soft computing are being taught . Systems we interact with computers and computer -based communication devices may be disabled , sound synthysyzrs , more effectively and how to most effectively improve the permission to use it.

Karthygyan mutukaruppnauf manypal International University in Karzai was going 71, Malaysia, and labor allies a Genetic Algorithm mouth better and irregular oval shape for the equality of human right similar to the recurrence better is dasplayang different feelings using a system is developed . they used images of people from Southeast Asia , and six general training computers to recognize human emotions Japan accepted - happiness, sadness , fear , anger , dasgust , surprise - and a neutral expression . analysis of the upper and lower lips as each algorithm by two separate allapsas does .

" In recent years there has been a face expression, see a person and to recognize human emotions in all aspects of bilateral relations , especially on the computer a growing interest in improving " the team explains . Earlier researchers passion on a computer screen representing human faces rykrytyd by manipulation allows for an understanding has developed . at the research and development of more realistic dynamic actors conveyed to the robot 's behavior . However Fatal Attraction in which a computer identifies a real human face behind the reverse process is still a difficult issue to deal with .

line is essential. however , external expression of passion lips remain an important part . Algorithm classification success of the team to seven emotions and can describe a neutral expression .

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