Apple To Reap Windfall On iPhone 5 As Component Cost Is $167.50, Techs Say

Apple ( nasdaq : AAPL), the world's most valuable technology company, the iPhone 5 should be cut , and the unexpected component of cost of sales only around a $ 167.50 , yubm tycansaguns because the engineers reported .
Apple 's first shipment 5 new iPhone for pre- orders came and Friday off , but the AT & T online Apple store , archive and Verizon 's retail stores and the initial pre- order stock sold out are now thousands of customers are still in their hands on Apple 's latest smartphone innovation die for . However, one thing that the customers before the release date of selection for next Friday about the career I want to know about the iPhone 5 . whose career has the best overall coverage ? The carrier has the best coverage of LTE ?
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Apple iPhone 5 $ 399 to $ 199 from the price next Friday to start selling plans . Co., Cupertino, caliphs based on new smart phone as 42 million units December 31 , the estimates UBS analyst Steven malunuuac sold .
Apple's original mobile carrier about $ 450 they pay for each unit sold .
Yubm tycansaguns and a asppla , a unit of engineering teams as groups ( nicene : a), a global research company and their customers for electronic products is estimated to tear down .
Based on an initial ingredients for iPhone 4S iPhone 5 more years old for $ 35 worth tycansaguns said. Largest increase long -term evolution LTE, or they speed up ( nasdaq : qkaum ), the upload speed and content is downloaded . karkuatry costs of up to $ 25 or $ 11 more than its predecessor in the same chip .
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In addition, the A6 processor at the heart of the phone for $ 28, will cost more than its predecessor , which cost $ 7 . Apple was the first electronics manufacturer Samsung has not revealed ( Seoul : 005930 ), but it may Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. ( Taipei : 2330). A6 design from ARM Holdings are ( nasdaq : armh ) United Kingdom , which lacks its own production lines .
Tsmk Qualcomm, as well as the principal manufacturer of chips for brudkaum 's ( nasdaq : bloated ), which provides connectivity circuit .
If they open a real product engineers will know for sure .
High-resolution display adds another $ 3 , engineers said. They Samsung , LG and Sharp are believed to come from Hawaii ( TOKYO : 6753 ), which earlier this year with Apple 's supply management is based .
Apple's shares for $ 696.98 and be a high back $ 691.28 , and $ 8.30 by the close of trading on Friday before it convenient to set up .
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