innocent Girl Who Had Been Frozen For 500 Years.

innocent Girl Who Had Been Frozen For 500 Years.
It initially well treated by a doctor look like any ordinary girl can be a girl in a picture which is not a normal girl, but shopping for a fifteen-year-old child died almost 500 years has.
She was found in Llullylyku ​​1999 near the 6739-meter summit. Paruuyan an Argentine expedition that found the body quite safe "," Maddin "means bringing dunkyla" is used. Inca gods and live with the choices they had., but in fact it was for Inca gods and sacrifice to their doom in the name of religion had been killed.
Scientists say that the organs as memory and just a few weeks before he died he was. Examined hair samples of the food set before his death, he could. The lead ankyn his children before killing them, discovering that fatynd. been before offering their children the dayts these elites were still several months or years corn and animal protein contains.
It is the body's condition, it was the drugs that are left to die in the mountains. These so long because of its high exposure would not have to die. Ankyn the chief priests High muuntynt took victims to sacrifice. had a long and difficult coca leaves, especially for young people, so they buried them alive in order to reach allow them to help her breathe were fed for. burial site have reached infants pain, fear and resistance to at least one drug, and then either aktnaq beverage, a punch to the head or exposure to extreme cold and die for except for awareness by reducing the dead.

The number of children or death sapa Inca Inca (who was the emperor) or during a famine after major events such as the sacrifice offered. Their sacrifices known as kapykuca. But only recently yuهan about this practice Rhine as muuntynt Andean archaeologists, naturally mmafyd due to freezing temperatures and torrential mountain to find their bodies to air-dry first colonial Spanish missionaries in refrigeration is written.
There are also some more information about Inca mummies on wikipedia.
Mt in 1995 to ampytu shopping juanyt, almost completely frozen Later, a young Inca girl's body was discovered. Mmmys secure two more ice, a girl and a boy, nearby was discovered a short while later. . everyone's head showed signs of death by a blow.

In 1999, llullylyku ​​Argentina in the 6739 meters near the Inca paruuyan campaign is absolutely secure bodies of three children, including almost 500 years ago, a 15-year-old girl sacrificed, "La dunkyla" the (female), seven years old a boy and a girl of six years old, "La niña del rayu" the (divine power female). revised the former alias to spend some time shopping over a period of 500 years to secure the body partially burned by electric surprised mmmys left with the left and formal model that reflects this reality.
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