People Would Rather Buy a Self-Driving Car From Google Than GM

Some form in almost every autmakr working on autonomous vehicle technology , but according to a new study , more interested customers than General Motors , one of Google's self- driving cars are on .

Kpmg audit and consultancy firm Americans , Study , Los Angeles , California pulling the sample and the boundaries between the two drivers , a diverse group cent . Chicago , Illinois . , And aslan , New Jersey .

Focus Group, an independent driving everyday use , and their confidence in the company on a scale of one to ten car back to fourth in the production of consent has been asked for . , Such as high-end Mercedes -Benz autmakrs 7.75 receive an average score during the tech companies like Google and Apple scored eight , and mass-market brands (Chevrolet and Nissan ) came in five seconds .

"We self- driving cars, due to environmental Automotive will be very traditional belief that" the expert and the author of the report, automated Gary saalburg , kpmg . Kpmg kauyt is quick to increase its polling company that carried out the the " focus group discussions that provide , quality, directional insights that are valuable for stytstakall is not valid.

Nevertheless, some interesting research this morning - if not exactly surprising - results.

California driver's self driving car in nine out of ten rating their willingness to use LA Discussions with residents of the start of significantly more interest in autonomous vehicles . Resident of Chicago 's four drivers on the New Jersey highway was six .

Furthermore, the premium car owners - who made ​​almost one-third of the focus group - independent and self- driving cars were more interested in technology .

The price of saalburg decrees that front , BMW , and Mercedes -Benz driver because of "high -tech bells and whistles are already addicted . " So a self- drive package ' is just a way to add vehicles and autonomous systems is the ability to turn on and off for a special lane highways into the possibility and option premium buyers were sold at full stop .

The front , BMW , and Mercedes -Benz considering kadyllak on the market feature a semi kudthkmy either type of plan to aid traffic jam or a few years later and he is aware that luxury brands it is clear that buyers want .

Those who " a passion for driving ," he low self driving car ( sukar !) To discuss the possibility antusad but after two hours session , expressed keen interest in technology and especially drop commute times and ability to self- activation potential of the robot were more willing to drive .

But larger studies are tkyuays users - while still concerns about safety and responsibility - benefits than costs and manufacturing company at the top of your game is seen as being independent in the car , are increasingly interested . , and 0 to 60 times the can and put the power to control your machine, have come into possession of Interest styling and functionality for users to display and driver will trump engagement .

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