Bye, Bye Cookie: Microsoft Plots Its Own Tracking Technology to Span Desktop, Mobile, Xbox

Microsoft " spotlight of regulators and privacy advocates has unzry cookie , " to change its advanced technology to track the progress of technology is set to be huge .

Track internal technology company that desktop computers, tablets and Windows , as well as the company's Xbox gaming console and Services , including its Internet Explorer Web browser , and Bing search engines, going beyond smartphones will enable the company to publicly Microsoft not authorized to talk about the projects , sources close to the development .

The alternative plot your Google cookie , and others Facebook, Apple and Amazon absent - manus is expected to weaknesses party cookie . Technique for targeted online advertising based on the browsing behavior of site detected and used to target ads are eligible to be served by . those mobile devices , which account 20% of global web traffic , can not track the missing - According to Statcounter cookie party are limited .

Cookies also delivered TV and video services to web spam , which leads to some technology is predicted to be extinct limits . Michel Sichuan , M programs, product management madyabrnds apg "The last two a lot is going on for three years now imminent disappearance - talk about death cookie party "...

End of the Road Map to Xbox latter is referred to as the alternative to Microsoft project will complete the roll-out across all devices with a clear picture in the early stages . "We cookie at the layout the I agree. , a Microsoft spokesperson said in an email that our commitment to respect the interests of consumers must find ways to do that . "

Device Identifier

Microsoft 's cookie alternative would be essentially a device identifier , meaning that users have permission to use advertising as a tool user can be attached to a regular contract or terms of service . Microsoft for data users will be directly responsible and - if this is not anti- Shares to the third party - the privacy concerns of countless companies which currently collects data on browsing behavior instead of Redmond , responsibility -based company looking for stop .

In contrast, a cookie , a technology company that is not owned by Bloom Web browser in a great environment to allow third party tracking is a standard means allowed . These prupytry with technology changing Google , Facebook , Microsoft , Apple, Amazon and others might opt to combine with a large audience .

While the various technology and privacy standards will be a headache for advertisers , the Federal Trade Commission at work madyatang advertising technology companies he controls , after giving easily keep an eye may occur.

But why this technology such as Google and Microsoft Data owners advertisers , ad agencies and tech companies using their competitive problems created by it can live . They also use technology to their sites and applications , advertisers estimates ( budget ) of your choice directly cynylun is banned for kurkang .

Connecting devices Il muba

On a basic level, Microsoft 's cookie alternative had already disappeared - desktop web browser with cookie parties and expansion is possible that these new devices like smartphones and connected TVs . Example , digital music video network Vevo 's videos were advertised brand in a restaurant run your Xbox app , then display the banners when they Vevo app to shoot them out at video Ad to follow up with targeted audiences . Vevo a banner for the restaurant to drive foot traffic can cause an increase in its Windows Phone app .

The company also owned by Microsoft 's cookie alternate services such as Internet Explorer and Bing, bio data sources , bin Laden's intent to search data inside Xbox video streaming apps for TV -style ads , which could inform factor could mean .

Microsoft's move to make the cookie more alternatives already in the FAQs as default track layout is not a new Internet Explorer browser could burn . Many advertisers demand it , respect is not clear , however, that call is back in Internet Explorer , which does not track the new technology behind Microsoft's advertising team, the team has made ​​.

Advertisers tech companies on desktop and mobile devices due to its failure to move beyond the cookie setup has been pushing . Demarcation of the desktop they run banner smartphone advertiser did not appear to be one that can lead to purchase .

AV aymarkytr analyst Lauren Fisher said, " worldwide platform for the user ID must be another way ."

"[Microsoft] not only the building out an ad ID , but everyone also wants to find a cross- Channel model, which will be built out " luuantal Media Kitchen President Barry said.
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