Mini human brains created

The human brain stem with Austrian scientists have developed jzay . Nature of the method described in the current issue jzay several fauly flounce aurganuads stem allows for the development - or " mini brain " - the number of discrete brain includes areas .
To achieve this, instead of using the so-called patrnang growth factors to scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology ( Amba ), Austrian Academy of Sciences ( auyau ) growth conditions and an environment that dream . , As a result , the development of stem cell depends on the spiritual guidance of nsyj mind . " mini brain " using , scientists develop a model of human anxiety nyurunal were able to identify their origin - long expected - the model opening the way for the human brain .
Developing human brain is a creature of the major mysteries . Derived from a simple tissue is naturally the most complex structure known to man does . Yet successfully developing a brain scientist established a co- culture model as overall knowledge of human brain development and associated human disorders are extremely difficult . A research group led by Dr. J├╝rgen knublac Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences ( Amba ) is the only change .
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