Middle-class young 'will fare worse than their parents'

Debt and job worries because of terrible David Cameron to issue warning to social mobility and child poverty inquiry ' perfect storm'Children will bring the same standard of living as their parents struggle to achieve .
Today's middle- class parents of children less well off than the poor blug the first in more than a century to be ready this week for the state Commission is expected to warn .

The results show that increased their mothers and fathers to enjoy a worse standard of living entity set a national trend since the early twentieth century , no ultraviolet experienced average income , with the highest Lake with families deprived children .

David Cameron set up by social mobility and child poverty commission , government actions are often the poorest to 10% is expected that the warning . Failure so far to achieve a large and growing problem in for middle class children now and in desperate need of attention of this group , is expected to report .

For a source said: "It will be controversial , but ends a century for the first time a real risk that the next generation of adults, up from today's generation is worse . These parents the median income for posterity ultraviolet problem , not only for those at the bottom is a problem. many , many fewer children than their parents face the prospect of living standards . "

By Education Minister David Laws , to be laid before Parliament on Thursday, results, political debates the issue of " economic misery in so badly with the so-called middle squyyd " , but will thrthradyna .

Thus, the estimated effect is not party political conference season encounter with "a political football ", according to a government source, so that the proposed publication date for the report of the Commission has been delayed .

To free school meals £ Agreement premium disciple improve their chances in life by 14,300 to benefit an additional cost . Yet nearly two -thirds of English and mathematics in each grade from A to C are deprived backgrounds do not fail . former Labour minister John Major Allen malbrn and education Secretary Mrs. shyfard a time , which is chaired by Vice cross- party commission , the group " missing " piece of the government's education policies as described in the jigsaw .

do better in the SME . these geographical changes , commission says a major reason , a higher proportion of head teachers and high standards that are expected to grow in other countries in that part of the so-called " London uyagunang " in London than in areas of the lift is for those in the capital . , some weaker schools are set to underline , bastans middle of England , Abraham , west berkshire , hryfardsary and satellite areas are located in and around London .

Commission a gathering " perfect" storm graduate labor , the middle class households and non- working children threatened by the emergence of full-time education, the lack of finance for buying caution is also required . Graduates from the University of with a loan of £ 50000 for their names will come. themselves in their own homes fell to 40 percent from 60 percent in the last decade and is the ratio of 25 - to 34 - Diver expected more out . , and two years for more than 18 - to 24 - done after 1994 the number of unemployed people is the highest .

Note that you can expect .
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