Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 Jelly Bean Update Nears; Galaxy S3, Note 2 Update Delayed Again?

Upgrade lake about test construction and is available for download Update Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 jelly bean digest very quickly .

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Samsung Galaxy tablets that work on a jelly bean is updated .

With a tweeted sammubly the first Samsung phone to update to 4.3 "1 /2 weeks, I will be there . Whether this means a half an hour or a half months, it is still not clear . Their web Posted on site after construction was a lake . ROM is expected to come to the public the following week .

"A final balds " designed for the Samsung Galaxy S4 publication is I9505XXUEMJ3 . Sammubly also some scenes and changes , as well as the construction of the installation , and after two days of trial for minor improvements .

Various reports said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 jelly bean update will arrive sometime in October . Announced when the official update will reach really far Samsung and its carrier partners have not.

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Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 OS update roll-out could be delayed again . Whether it will get the two devices 4.2.2 version or 4.3 version still is not clear after this year .
Owners of November or December jelly bean roll out the update to the version you may have to wait . Sammubly announced on Twitter that the delay caused by a problem with Samsung TouchWiz interface is possible.
Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Updated Note 2 in the coming months expect to receive some of the company 's smartphones . The mobile division, Don - who was president for strategic marketing at Samsung is expressed by the statement . S4 Galaxy Samsung Galaxy , one of the gear will be joined by the next month and soon Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 will be followed by what was said in the interview .
"All actions Galaxy S4 gear by next month for smart phone will be connected and connection 2 and Galaxy S3 Galaxy Note will spread until the end of December ," the executive told the Korea Times .
Samsung 's smrtuatc alongside fablyt company , Galaxy Note 3, was released and Bluetooth 4.0 , the latest Google update jelly bean is one of the new features of the 4.3 android download, jelly bean by OS is compatible with .
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