Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe, Could Face 2 Years In Jail For Taj Mahal Photo Shoot

On Monday, officials from the Hindustan Times Survey of India traces ( a ) file with the October 6 for the Miss Universe complaint against the police visited the Taj Mahal on the ground held a photo shoot for a shoe surprises According to .
Apparently , Diana quilpue marble bottom of the Taj Mahal , without the permission of the chair known as a pair of shoes has written .
Lee said he was carrying a bag with sandals "and by the ( archaeological survey of India ) images is not allowed , for shooting on the throne of Diana , " Supervisor mnazzr Ali Taj Indian mid- day paper, According to the Hindustan Times . " insolence and contempt for it as well . "
According to the press , said police Inspector aynlasz aytyd gower quilpue and another group was in violation of India's Cultural Heritage Act . Legislation in the Taj Mahal, which banned commercial activities is a World Heritage Site .
Now authorities have filed a case against them . Quilpue and two years in jail and up to 100,000 rupees ( 1,600 dollars) fine of not guilty in the face , gower , AP per say so.
Now, the 21 -year-old is speaking and saying that the problems started with firing .
Quilpue told the Providence Journal that "I , me and gave me the instructions for the Miss Universe organization to an employee means ." " I had my vision " than India 's Taj Mahal to identify better ? ' Unfortunately, it seems that something is extremely aggressive . Seriously, I raise a point that not a voice , 'This is a little unfair ? " "
is concerned . "
Miss Universe organization and explain the incident that tatlyhuldrs apalugyzang promotional tie-ins with periods in them to make videos Arya Huffington Post on Wednesday released a statement .
" As part of these videos , we sometimes sponsors involved in the shooting ," the statement read . " Film Taj Mahal which was outside the fellow should never be used as a commercial purpose or to show him any respect. it was kind of a goal . "
Local Rhode Island during a 10 -day visit to India last month and Climate . Visit their website as Miss Universe to celebrate women 's empowerment and was focused on AIDS awareness .
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