Electricity Could be Generated From Bacteria

A bacterial protein level of electricity can be generated by simply touching a mineral that new research shows
Shyuanyla aunydansas are bacteria . (Credit : Alice duhnalkuua )
The results shows that the bacteria through a metal or mineral and transfer power bar to lie directly on the surface of the cell mymbranas The journal of the National Academy of Sciences ( pnhs ) is published in the Proceedings . Means it ' aylyktrudys possible to wire directly to the bacteria - effectively bringing scientists a step closer makrubyal fuel cell or' bio battery ' to create .
Team of researchers in the U.S. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington state worked with . Shyuanyla aunydansas is part of a family of marine bacteria . Sutly electron microbe inside a fake rock version using only the bacterial protein create a research team thought.
It 's a bacterial protein whose membrane vesicles mymbranas lapad small capsule like make -up of the layers of lapad entered . Then tested in an electron donor and an iron containing mineral out how electron traveling between 's .
Lead researcher Dr. Tom Clark of the school's biological sciences , said: "We electricity, metals and minerals, bacteria can move and interact on the surface of bacteria is dependent on specific protein knew. , But it is not clear whether Although the proteins that directly or indirectly have an unknown mediator in this environment .
"Our research can direct the protein , mineral surfaces touch , and by means of electrical characteristics of these cells mymbranas lie on the surface of a metal or mineral is possible for bacteria that produce a current in the makes .
it is .
" It makrubyal bacteria as a potential fuel cell , where electricity generated by agricultural or domestic waste product displays can be .
" Another possibility alyktrudy the bacteria on the surface of a place where this protein through chemical reactions alyktrudy provided by the cell into electricity using is to use as factories Miniature ".
The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory baucymyst coalitions shi said: " As we have in this cell could power transfer guarantees we have developed a unique system . , We measured the rate of electron transfer was fast - this bacterial respiratory support There was a lot faster . "
is used as a source of energy , bacteria carbon dioxide is added to food . , if we consider electron transfer , carbon cycle , we can learn how to control bacteria, " shi said.
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