samsung galaxy s4 3

After the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung fans are now looking forward to next year , the next major device : Samsung Galaxy S5. But by now reports that the Samsung Galaxy line Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 April was , in 2014 , the Korean company 's next major phone launch earlier than expected may come , are indicated . Earlier in 2014 specifically for the phones it plans to reveal some new technology , it can put a disadvantaged position , as Samsung to release a can . , But where difficult to reach , as it is the next repetition is barely a year old Samsung Galaxy S4 does have a bdnma position . However , this is actually why Samsung decided to push forward this important tool is one of the reasons for the slump and Samsung Galaxy S4 received a lukewarm reception are considered . Possible features of Samsung Galaxy S5 Possible features and specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 yqynadud out with the rumor mill , is keeping a close monitoring of the estimates are on a high . Called the 64 - bit ynaus processor, optical image stblassn with the rumored 16-megapixel back camera and a fingerprint scanner anumryts some of the features . There are also continued reports enable a Samsung Galaxy S5 , considering that Samsung will be the focus of the activity is to get through the lines . SAMSUNG also deal with LG to release content is a flexible display that Samsung Galaxy S5 been cast in the new technology coming out for 2014 a more modern smartphone can put as . Fantasy metal shows . Must be received by the mobile company to a new concept design by Korean Limited and its own set of the device Samsung Galaxy S5 offers . Tubyas concept phones created by hurnauf , this design is always targeted Samsung 's plastic basars answer all the device may become like a rather cheap . Has been planted in you, the Samsung sports galaxy of S5 can see a high quality metal body . With other devices Samsung Samsung Galaxy S5 With other devices Samsung Samsung Galaxy S5 Byzyls almost completely except the one that appears along with a large screen for relatively little device could race ahead of Apple removed it . However , as a design feature that Samsung 's Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy 10.1 spaurtyd square-ish look instead follows the old Samsung Galaxy S4 . Seen only a sleek metallic design will fit all your equipment for the similar changes will occur in design , Samsung announced for Innovation square.
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