Google launches Web Designer app for creating animated HTML5 ads

Google launches Web Designer app for creating animated HTML5 ads
HTML5/CSS3 ads to be triggered without using the flash appears .

I go for the simple option . no coding required . "

Google Web Designer Windows PC and Mac OS X, a ( like beer ) free download is available at this stage as Linux, or on the mobile will crumybuks .
It also supports Firefox and Internet Explorer . Google makes Web Designer pages are subject to Google's browser . Hacker News nauys is a Google web developer explained : " During a File Conversion Cost Web Designer - uybkat Prefixes are used . then when you publish your content , however , Published communication works in your content so that additional vendor Prefixes different browsers ( or East) is to specify the output . "

Hacker News makes other users feel that lap , Microsoft FrontPage 2000 compared to anfauurabl the code .

While all this ( why would Google klmh ?) Is an obvious question , the answer appears to be somewhat worldly . Tumultka ( hlr competitors Hype) was celebrated as " a thorn Ninja auturang device from Motorola 's mobility appears to have been a year ago muntax as part of this project . Google now owns Motorola movements .

Whether the highest point yet to be seen . Already has professional designers and perhaps the tools, Adobe Edge Animate , hlr Hype, sansa anamytr and Apple's iAd Producer as good. ( It Hacker sources were suggested by readers .) probably as more of a dedicated app for creators .

Something that identifies the dynamic HTML5/CSS ads and thus makes it easy for them to block the Google Web designer is really needed . Least with flash , never had a problem making Block
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