HP Chromebook 11 review: Google gives the low end some much-needed luster

Crumybuk 11 HP for Google 's browser -based OS could be a low- cost vessel . , But Google later to make it special - and maybe even the head of this fun concept crumybuk not wrap around the snubs have left the PC .

Indeed, a sub - $ 300 machine than can not expect , and most crumybuks this andruhylmang hardware in place reside . Nevertheless, Google 's 2012 crumybuk 3 Samsung partnered with a manufacturer low level components of a good thing can not, and Google itself out after a few months of each debt issue pretty crumybuk feed was stopped . , if nothing else , pixel , a beautiful and elegant industrial design replete with touch screen Best (and will feel slightly strange ) Chrome ecosystem risk even deserve such a high end machine is born discussed .

And now we crumybuk of HP 11 crumybuk space at a laptop at the end of the industrial design tries to add sophistication .

Not new , but improved
Crumybuk 11 glasses of premium design provides any and feed , and in terms of raw performance, the Samsung is better than crumybuk 3 . Google Chrome still the standard for hardware to build is committed to the values ​​of both premium and everyday experience can provide a high quality displays .

Just as a machine , it breaks new ground crumybuk 11 . Ynaus 5250 uses an ARM processor and has 2 GB RAM and SSD storage vessel 16 GB. Mark browser based on our laboratory test benches show that Samsung crumybuk 3, running neck - and - neck snspadr ( with a score of 662.4ms ), and just a bit behind the peacemakers V mbar ( with a score of 1121 ) was competing with .

In Google Google Drive 100 GB cloud storage for two years ( Make sure that you have a plan to make the deadline for tips ) for the strips . Better , you anflght Gogu 12 free sessions in Internet cross-country is found for plane trips .

Makrusb , USB 2.0 and speaker / headphone jack crumybuk 11 smooth , white sides are simply unity .
Speakers and ventilation grall notebook spare profile does not exist. 'll Get you all (that I drew for USB 3.0 L) two USB 2.0 ports , a headphone jack and a micro USB port AC adapter feature is for . 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 in this system comes from .

Kumandabl LA area somewhat like the Acer C710 audio board crumybuk may interfere with your Typing any of these amanatys srunkan or missing keys squasad . Trip to the keys a little for my taste dislike button is short and hard plastic . Yet another low-end crumybuk I have tried this one is even better (and often worse than crumybuk illustrations are keyboard ).

A beautiful line of full size color vision board increases. Your keys are hard plastic and is somewhat short journey .
I klakpad smooth plastic crumybuk 11 best HP Pavilion 14 crumybuk which started early this year , but better than nlby like touchpad . However ryspansauynyss dramatically perfect for the touchpad ( the finger cursor over the navigation ) to tsbyhat a non- permanent (two finger scrolling in investment ) is different.

1366 768 pixels 11.6 inch IPS display and a wide , 176 - degree viewing angle is a resolution . Than 10 inches wide and 5.75 inches long , the screen more than lytarbun rectangular , compact size choosing crumybuk 11 but you can see long documents and Web pages is limited . Video of the HD version on display in the Ring are flowing , and sometimes significant and Blur Video compression , but nothing unexpected from a low-end machine did not .

Google says 30Wh laptop battery will last six hours . Significantly less time in our test only getting 4 hours and 7 minutes .

A more colorful experience

Even crumybuk uurkursy rubber feet on bottom of 11 receive a dash of color .
Other than kysnl crumybuks , 280 $ crumybuk 11 is a much more prominent design . This very compact and light , weighing just 2.3 pounds and measuring just half an inch thick . This bright white, blue , red , yellow or green color comes with pronunciation . Colors are bright , but a bit around the hemline on the bottom of the chassis and keyboard are used. Attention to this detail , I bezel around the display , but rather that there was a gender surprise, Charcoal color on all models .

Of course , care about color at all level laptop and some have to do with performance and usability . , And is still the most important . Names high end designer stores like Target and H & get millions of cheap chic it 's product lines . This is a product that also struggle with resignation rather than enthusiasm that students can buy .

Confidence in the cleanliness of your good or better condition piano black crumybuk 11 if you are not getting nearly as much
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