Artificial leg operated by thought (video)

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (R ), a case study published as an old artificial leg saw the world's first operation . Although being developed in many different thoughts are running prusthysas arm , a leg of the first kind have . They do not take our word for it and check out the video below . R g uutyr research topic , the Sears Tower in Chicago nyurugdgyt when they investigate institute to create awareness about the climb to the top of the first significant research has been focused on the case . At a lower - the targeted muscle ampasy rynnyruasn Limb Surgery - r and the North West University - ptha healthy muscles above my knee damaged nerves from the muscle Limb redirected to your ampttyd growth measures in 2009 the car has passed . changed the face anstrukt to nerves muscles contract , the patient 's leg muscles very small electric signal Detecting sensor . signaling a specially designed computer program and analyze data from sensors in the robot leg makes . trying to accomplish this quickly in the patient 's leg and then sends commands for the robot type is decoding . muscles signal instead of using robot sensors the system safer and makes more intuitive . Up at Sears Tower and the information used for interpretation of data from researchers leg has been released . Prusthytak climb above the eyes has changed , so that the improvement of the system ( the present God) most of the software is andykatng . Technical innovations leg to get equal value, the case study reports on the leg are potential medical applications . Millions of people around the world less - is big news for najayzjnsy external organs . Reports and planning kummarkaalaztaaun prusthysas of Operation public availability represents a major step
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